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A new feature of our website is the ability to "call dibs" on our project pieces! This listing is for the Lane Acclaim Round Coffee Table, that we have not started working on in our project queue.  You can reserve it before we even begin, by paying a deposit of half of what we would price it at when it is complete.  For more information on how this works, click here

Lane Acclaim is known for Andre Bus' dovetail design of Walnut and Oak veneer.  The design is #900-93. This particular coffee table is in need of a complete refinishing job to the tabletop. We plan to refinish the table, stain and lacquer it so that it will look closer to the way that it did originally. 

If the table is not purchased ahead of the work's completion, we will be offering it as a set with our smaller Lane Acclaim end tables.


38" diameter x 14.5" high

See the available Lane Acclaim end tables here.

Full price for this Lane Acclaim coffee table is $450 when complete - $225 for a deposit.  We expect it will be finished by July 10th (this is a more involved project, we may finish earlier, but want to give ourselves enough time.  We have toddlers 😜).

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