We started alittlemorelikehome as an Instagram account in 2021, to document our journey in making our recently purchased 1950s house (which was full of needed projects) a home. In the process we became interested in buying vintage mid century modern furniture vs. new and loved it so much, that it became a business.
You could say we are a Mom and Pop Shop, you may find the children in tow as we work at the store!  This business allows Elise to care for our 4 and 5 year old boys, which is truly a blessing.
Every communication you have with our business is with one of us, mostly Elise.  Jeff has become skilled at repairing wooden furniture - he handles refinishing some of our pieces and we also work with a professional refinisher. If you receive a delivery or visit our showroom, you will likely meet Jeff.  On occasion you might meet Larry, Jeff's dad, who helps us with long distance deliveries and pick ups - he looks like Jeff with gray hair.
Elise is responsible for marketing, photography, our website and she reupholsters dining sets. We love history and curating collections - oftentimes you can find a "Furniture History Deep Dive " posted on our shop blog or condensed into a reel on Instagram.