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Add MCM Elements to Any Style of Home: Part Two Traditional Homes
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Add MCM Elements to Any Style of Home: Part Two Traditional Homes

This is Part Two of our series about adding mid century modern elements to your home, even if your house is not mid century modern architecturally.

If you missed Part One - Mid Century Modest, please be sure to check it out.  Ranch homes make up so many of the homes here in Omaha and through out the country!

Traditional Homes Styles

I'm not an architect - but when thinking of a simple term to encompass homes that are more classic in style than the ranch style homes or new builds, traditional seemed like a good term!

Omaha is full of established and charming neighborhoods with more traditional styles of homes.  Our first house was a 1940s brick tudor revival and we loved it's charm!  Other styles common in our area include Italianate, Victorian, Craftsman, Art Deco, and Mediterranean Style.  

If you want to follow some local experts on older homes - check out Alyson Westby Realtor, Old Omaha, as well as Wattle and Daub Craftsman for repairs!

Adding MCM Elements

Some of these styles have ornate elements, such as elaborate woodwork, light fixtures and motifs. How do you mix in the clean lines of mid century modern?

Our first house had original features like the door hardware and skeleton keys

Mid century modern furniture will not distract from the period features in your home!  In fact, mid century modern furniture and decor can complement some of the features of your home that give it character!   You don't have to furnish your home completely in mid century modern style, but you can pick and choose elements that will enhance the charm of your home.

The image above is AI generated, but you get the picture 😂 (if you have a traditional home and have purchased something from us - please send us a pic!)

Wood Furniture:

Do you have crown molding, hardwood floors, and beautiful woodwork in your home?  The woodgrain of mid century modern furniture will complement this!

We regularly offer beautiful refinished dining sets, hutches, credenzas, coffee tables and side tables, and bedroom furniture.  

We delivered a solid wood Heywood Wakefield dining set to a home in our shop's neighborhood and the dining set looked right at home in the large traditional home!

Mid Century Modern Glassware and Ceramics:

Do you have built-ins with shelving that you would like to decorate?  Mid century modern glassware, or swung glass and decorative ceramics are great for filling up a shelf or mantle with pops of color and interesting forms.

We currently have a lot of swung glass and decanters in store - not yet listed online.  We also have ceramic vases, pitchers and decorative items!

These are just some ideas to get you started on adding MCM pieces to your home.  If there is anything you do that I have missed adding here, please leave a comment!

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