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Add MCM Elements to Any Style of Home: Part Three Contemporary Homes
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Add MCM Elements to Any Style of Home: Part Three Contemporary Homes

We're continuing our series on adding mid century modern elements to any style of home.  Our first post was about "mid century modest" homes.  The second post was about "traditional homes" and this last post in the series is about newer or "contemporary homes".  

What Do We Mean by "Contemporary Homes"?

I am not an architect, but for simplicity's sake, I decided to use three categories for this series of posts.  I am using the term "contemporary" to describe newer construction homes.  Locally, we have many new subdivisions popping up with homes by the same builder, versus the more eclectic styles of homes that are seen in older parts of the city.

These homes may have modern or traditional elements.  Many are larger than the "mid century modest", with multiple stories, instead of the horizontal floor plan of the ranch.  A challenge for some of the larger contemporary homes is finding pieces that add charm, but also match the scale of the home.

Morgan Putnam, a local realtor and MCM enthusiast, recently created a series on her Instagram page about how she uses a "mid century modern fusion" approach to decorating her large home that was built in the 80s.  She says she uses a mix of vintage and new items, but still achieves a cohesive look!



Hang Art Strategically

One of Morgan's tips for decorating the tall walls in her home, is to use larger pieces of artwork or hang multiple pieces of artwork so that it takes up more space vertically.  She also uses art to incorporate bright colors in her home.

This image is from a customer who added a mid century modern clock to her gallery wall.  Something that you can do in any style of home!

Ann Manhart Dirks creates artwork that has an MCM feel! This Marble Run Artwork is available online and in store.

If you like a more 3D look, you could add large brutalist sculptural pieces to your wall!  We currently have C. Jeré bird sculpture in store.

Consider Scale When Purchasing Furniture and Lighting

Do you have high ceilings or a smaller space in your home?  Consider scale when purchasing your furniture and lighting.  

Large hutches and wall units can fill a larger home.  If you are working with less space, you might opt for a hutch that has a smaller footprint.

Another great customer photo!  Her home is a newer build, but the vintage chair and ottoman she purchased from our shop looks right at home with the space!

If you are working with a large open home, consider adding statement lighting!

This modern floor lamp will look great in a contemporary home! Plus, it's on sale!

Tie it All Together

Another great tip from Morgan is to use a rug to anchor your space.  It's ok to mix and match your furniture and decor with new and vintage.  Some ways to keep things cohesive is to tie it together with your color scheme, flooring, woodwork, or even just adding in a rug!

Another customer photo with several vintage pieces purchased from our shop!  The rug ties together the colors and styles in the space!

Let us know if any of these tips were helpful to you and if you have any tips that we missed!


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