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Designer Profile - Paul McCobb
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Designer Profile - Paul McCobb

This week, we are happy to offer a beautiful Connoisseur dining set designed by Paul McCobb.  So, let's learn a little bit about the designer, shall we?

 Photo taken by Tom Yee, 1956. Edited by Samuel Hildreth, 2017

via Wikimedia Commons

Paul McCobb Fast Facts:

  • Paul McCobb had a relatively short life, dying at 51 years old in 1969.
  • Originally, Paul wanted to be an artist and attended art school, but didn't graduate because he enlisted in the Army.
  • He was discharged from the army due to a health condition and subsequently began working at Modernage Furniture in NY.
  • Eventually Paul became a design partner there and later he opened his own firm, Paul McCobb Design Associates, in 1948.
  • Popular designs by Paul McCobb include his best selling design the Planner Group, Calvin Group by Calvin Furniture, Directional by Calvin Furniture, Connoisseur by H. Sacks and Sons, and Predictor by O'Hearn Furniture.  
  • Paul McCobb designed the furniture used on set for the Today Show in 1952, helping to make him a household name.
  • During his lifetime, Paul was awarded many design awards, including the Good Design Award from the Museum of Modern Art (four times!).
  • In addition to furniture Paul also designed other household items, like lighting, wallpaper, radios, and dishware.

Want to learn more about Paul McCobb?  There is actually a Paul McCobb museum!  Check out their Instagram!



Did you learn anything new from this post?  Or do you have something to share that I didn't cover here?  Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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