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A Look at Mid Century Record Consoles
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A Look at Mid Century Record Consoles

Before we started our furniture business in the spring of 2021, I had amassed a collection of vintage vinyl records.  Ironically, I did not have a record player to test out my dozens of records!  

Just this month we have been able to add two vintage record and radio consoles to the shop and finally test out some of our records!  

Zenith Record and Radio Console we recently sold

We are still learning the ins and outs of record players, but have been amazed at the sound quality of these consoles.  

This week we are adding a Magnavox Astro-sonic 500 console that has been modified to include a Zenith record player (capable of indexing records) and radio/cassette player by RCA Dimensia.  The sound quality is excellent!

Listed for sale here

You can tell that the previous owner of this console cherished it, because he kept every manual, the catalog and a little ticket slip he must have been given when he purchased the console.

Below I have included some pictures from the Magnavox catalog and manual.

See the little ticket slip he saved?

This is the console that we are offering for sale.

What styles are you attracted to?

I will close with a silly reel about my frustration in trying to figure out how to operate "old tech" sometimes.  Jeff is a bit more patient and technically inclined and he got it figured out!



 Thanks for reading!

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